Mark Reinsel

Dr Mark Reinsel

Dr Mark Reinsel is an expert with 30 years experience as a process engineer in water treatment technologies and professor of chemical and environmental engineering, receiving his doctorate in chemical engineering from the Centre of Biofilm Engineering in Bozeman, Montana.

Mark values “the opportunity to provide natural cost-effective solutions for water treatment” and has been collating and analysing the water quality data following BioHaven floating island installations as well as conducting research into their efficiency since 2010.

Mark provides water quality solutions for mine water, ground water, industrial waste water, drinking water, wastewater and storm water.

His innovative and flexible approach to problem solving makes him a valued member of our team as he applies chemical, physical and biological processes (passive and active) to remove a range of pollutants from water including nitrate, sulfate, metals and arsenic, designing and implementing bespoke treatment systems.