River and Lake Restoration

Rivers and lakes with a healthy ecology provide many benefits to people, wildlife and the economy.

Physical modification is the single largest reason why rivers in the UK are less than healthy. Further risks arise from a changing climate and the spread of non-native invasive species. Naturally functioning rivers are more resilient.

We consider river restoration to be an important tool to manage risks and that it is best considered as part of an integrated catchment management process.

We are experienced in identifying pressures and delivering solutions most relevant to local communities to enable them to play a vital role in long term stewardship.

Many lakes are suffering high nutrient concentrations, the second largest reason for failing rivers  and lack of submerged aquatic plant species.

River & Lake Restoration

Restoring the natural function of our lakes and rivers will bring greater biodiversity, amenity value and help a growing economy.

Identifying and controlling nutrient inputs from rural and urban land use is essential for improving lake habitats, as high nutrient concentrations prevent the re-establishment of submerged plants. However direct in-lake management may also be required in conjunction with catchment remedies, in order to restore lake habitat.

frog environmental are specialists in river and lake restoration services, detailing diffuse pollution solutions, managing the impact of algal blooms, marginal management, physical restoration, sediment removal, bio-manipulation and fish easement.