Sediment dispersal is effectively impeded by air bubble curtains

Callaway R., Davies R., Mendzil A. (2018) Micro bubble curtains: impact on sediment dispersal. Technical Report of the SEACAMS2 project (SC2-R&D-SU03) with Frog Environmental Ltd. Swansea University. 21 pp.

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Bubble Tubing® releases micro-bubbles from bubble curtains. These are utilised for a range of environmental protection purposes including oxygenation, the muffling of sound, and they restrict the dispersal of suspended sediments. SEACAMS Swansea studied the effectiveness of bubble curtains in restricting sediment movement in seawater under laboratory conditions on behalf of frog environmental Ltd. A seawater tank was set up with up to 3 lines of Bubble Tubing® with sediments of various sizes inserted into the laminar water flow. Settled sediments were collected on either side of the tubing. A single bubble curtain restricted on average 50% of sediment. Overall the study showed that 3 lines of Bubble Tubing® can impede up to 90% of silt dispersal. This suggests it could be a tool to limit sediment dispersion in coastal environments.