Assessing flow conditions in a Nautilus Pond

Chowdhury, R. 2016. Assessment of flow conditions in a new vortex-type stormwater retention pond using a physical model. MSc Thesis University of Saskatchewan

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The stormwater retention pond is a best management practice used for the improvement of runoff water quality before it discharges into larger surface waterbodies. A vortex-type retention pond, called the Nautilus PondTM, is a new design approach for stormwater retention ponds that is expected to produce an internal flow pattern in the pond that is more conducive to removal of sediments from runoff. Since many existing stormwater retention ponds were originally designed only for flood control, most of the ponds are subject to large dead zones, severe short-circuiting and short retention times, which can limit sediment retention in the ponds. In this study, the robustness of the design of the Nautilus PondTM was evaluated by assessing its residence time distribution (RTD) characteristics, flow pattern and sediment deposition patterns under various conditions of flow in the pond.