Bacterius™ microbes

Bacterius™ microbes are natural cultures specially created to produce enzymes which treat a variety of water quality problems

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BioHavens® are Floating Treatment Wetlands: constructed wetlands that treat water naturally

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Coastwork Bubble Tubing Abstraction Protection _ Jellyfish

Bubble Barrier Abstraction Protection

Bubble Tubing® can be deployed in front of abstractions to create bubble curtains that can prevent debris from being drawn into the abstraction, whilst at the same time discouraging fish.

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Floc Mat in site drainage ditch

Floc Mat™

Silt and fine sediment capture mats

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Industrial aeration

Industrial Aeration

Bubble Tubing® is a safe and effective way to efficiently deliver oxygen rich environments vital for industrial processes.

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Bubbles breaking surface tension to form a barrier

Litter and Weed Bubble Curtains

The Great Bubble Barrier is the first project to utilise Bubble Tubing® to collect plastic waste from rivers before it reaches the sea.

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90m diameter Nautilus Pond™, East Bowmont stormwater retrofit project. Photo used with permission from Source2Source Inc.

Nautilus Pond™

Nautilus Ponds™ are high performance water treatment solutions for use in SuDS, wastewater and industrial water

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OctoAir-10™ industrial diffuser

OctoAir-10™ is a high performance industrial grade aeration diffuser

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Pipe Reactor, mobile water treatment

Pipe Reactor

The Pipe Reactor is a mobile water treatment system

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Pond and Lake Aeration

Pond and Lake Aeration

Bubble Tubing® introduces oxygen to the bed of the pond or lake where it is needed the most.

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rock check dam

Rock Check

Rock checks are used as dams in ditches and swales to reduce the speed of water and distribute the flows across the channel Rock check dams can be used in mild or moderately steep channel gradients an…

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Bubble curtains reduce the movement of silt downstream

Silt Bubble Barriers

The bubble curtains control movement of silt, helping to protect sensitive sites and meet regulatory requirements.

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Silt capture channels form part of a water treatment system

Silt Capture Channel

The silt capture channels are formed on an impermeable membrane and made up of a combination of Floc MatsTM, Silt Mats and Silt Wattles to slow the flow, filter and trap silt. Depending on the availab…

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Emergency Silt Control Kit

Silt Control Response Kits

The need for emergency silt control on construction sites is often associated with unexpected rainfall. If excess water cannot be treated or stored, then there are a number of measures that can be tak…

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Silt Fence

Silt Fence captures sediment and allows water to infiltrate and percolate into the ground, preventing sediment from being carried to ditches and streams, where it can negatively impact aquatic life.

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silt mat fibres

Silt Mat

Silt Mats capture sediment as it naturally drops out of suspension Silt Mats are deployed in channels downstream of earth moving or sediment disturbance activities. The mat position is important for d…

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silt net 700

Silt Net

Silt Net is a 100% biodegradable product designed to treat dirty water in settlement lagoons and treatment ponds Silt Net is suspended across the width of the lagoon or pond. The combination of natura…

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Silt Wattle used as river check dam

Silt Wattle

Silt and fine sediment wattles

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geo jute desilting

Treated Geo-Jute

Treated Geo-Jute is designed to reduce the amount of sediment and silty water being discharged from construction sites The product is delivered to the site in rolls and can be laid out to line channel…

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Box 3 Bubble noise

Underwater Sound and Vibration Control

Bubble Curtains have been proven in the field to be an effective mitigation for vibration from piling works and blasting.

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Water Lynx™ blocks

Water Lynx™ blocks introduce environmentally safe flocculant into effluent streams and drains

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