Pipe Reactor

The Pipe Reactor is a mobile water treatment system

At less than 8’ long and 10” in diameter the Pipe Reactor connects into any 2″,  3” or 4″ pump hose to treat up to 900 litres of silty water per minute.

Designed to optimise the performance of Water Lynx™ cartridges, the flow rate and pump hose length provide control of the mixing and reaction times. This ensures that fine suspended solids are bound together so they may be easily separated. 

Silt Capture Channels containing Silt Mats and Floc Mats are used at the outlet of the Pipe Reactor to capture sediment and prevent it from polluting watercourses.

The combination of the Pipe Reactor and Silt Capture Channel is particularly effective at removing fine particles associated with clay soils thereby polishing the water.

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Gravity fed water treatment using pipe reactor and silt capture channel
  • Excavation pump out
  • Wash bay water treatment
  • Drainage from construction sites
  • Quarrying operations
  • Improved settlement in attenuation ponds and lagoons
  • Pond clarification

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