Nautilus Pond™

Nautilus Ponds™ are high performance water treatment solutions for use in SuDS, wastewater and industrial water

The design principle allows water that is resident in the pond prior to an inflow to be displaced toward a central drain rather than mixing with inflowing water. The result is a longer average retention time and better opportunities for sediment and nutrient removal.

The system allows for the inclusion of additional options, depending on site-specific water treatment objectives, such as floating treatment wetlands, the release of low concentrations of anionic flocculant and aeration.

frog working in partnership with Source2Source

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Nautilus Pond for gallery Joffre-Nautilus-June-2015-1024x678 with logo for featured image Nautilus Pond™ cells in sequence to manage multiple water inputs and flooding Nautilus Pond™ energy dissipation and flocculant treatment Nautilus aerial concept - Nautillus Pond Concept Design for Motorway Outfall Nautilus Aerial illustration concept  - Nautillus Pond Illustration for Motorway Outfall
90m diameter Nautilus Pond™, East Bowmont stormwater retrofit project. Photo used with permission from Source2Source Inc.
  • Surface and wastewater treatment
  • Industrial effluent treatment
  • Removing suspended solids
  • Nutrient reduction
  • SuDS component

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