Bacterius™ Microbes

Bacterius™ microbes are natural cultures specially created to produce enzymes which treat a variety of water quality problems

Bacterius microbes biodegrade or transform excess nutrients, unwanted compounds, toxins, fats, oil, grease or hydrocarbon based contaminants. Treatments can help to reduce ammonia in aquaculture to improve the health of fish; reduce nitrogen and organic matter to clarify water and diminish algal blooms; or degrade fats to improve drainage and eliminate odour.

The combination of natural beneficial microbes is an effective way to treat different types of water quality problems. When combined with aeration this approach can be a very cost effective treatment solution.

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Bacterius Sept production Bacterius Algae Bacterius Muck natural bacteria digest organic sediments
Bacterius are natural, beneficial microbe cultures created for very specific applications
  • Wastewater and leachate treatment
  • Pond management
  • Bio dredging and silt reduction
  • Aquaculture
  • Industrial effluent

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