Bubble Tubing® fine bubble linear diffuser

Bubble Tubing® is a durable, flexible, high quality linear aeration tubing

It is quick and simple to install and is used in a wide range of temporary and permanent applications (see below).

Bubble Tubing uses micro bubbles measuring less than 1 mm in diameter.

These tiny bubbles rise from the depths of the water column right to the surface, transferring huge amounts of oxygen into the water.

Micro-bubbles are also highly effective at creating barriers that can be deployed for a wide variety of purposes; from keeping fish away from construction sites to controlling weeds and wind-blown litter in urban areas.

Bubble tubing is manufactured to a high standard with consistent puncture holes that maintain their shape and performance long beyond the 5-year warranty.

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Bubble tubing – protecting fish and holding back silt

Bubble Tubing® is our fine bubble linear diffuser. It creates micro-bubble barriers to reduce underwater noise and vibration, trap oil and sediment pollution as well as protect fish during construction activity in rivers, streams, lakes and at sea. Bubble Tubing micro-bubbles optimise oxygen transfer to aerateand decontaminate the water, breaking down oils and supporting the biological removal of excess nutrients.

  • Litter and weed exclusion
  • Fish exclusion zones
  • Silt control
  • Aeration of waste water and other water bodies
  • Underwater sound mitigation
  • Maintaining ice free zones

    Bubble Tubing BrochureDownload 
    Bubble Tubing 1/2 3/4 and 1 inch Technical SpecificationDownload 
    Bubble Tubing 1.25 inch Technical SpecificationDownload 
    Bubble Tubing Chemical Resistance guideDownload 
    Bubble Tubing Independent performance test report metricDownload 
    Bubble Tubing Independent performance test report imperialDownload 
    Bubble Tubing 3/4 inch GSEE test resultsDownload 
    Bubble Tubing 1/2 inch GSEE test resultsDownload 

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