Silt Bubble Barriers

Bubble Tubing® is deployed downstream of temporary works where there is a risk of silt pollution from construction activities.

The bubble curtains control movement of silt, helping to protect sensitive sites and meet regulatory requirements.

Silt plumes can lead to an increase in oxygen demand in the water column, which in turn can put stress on fish and other animals. The micro-bubbles created by Bubble Tubing deliver an oxygen rich environment at the point where it is needed the most without the use of chemicals whilst keeping navigation open.

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Bubble curtains reduce the movement of silt downstream Using 4 lines of Bubble Tubing on Afon Gwili Salix bubble curtain Bubble curtain used to form a shipping channel within the dredging containment barrier
Bubble curtain used to form a shipping channel within the dredging containment barrier
  • River restoration and maintenance operations
  • Controlling pollution from construction sites

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    Bubble Tubing® Exploded Diagram of Parts V2.pdfDownload 
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