Aqualog™ biochar fibre rolls

Aqualogs™ are a soft engineering solution used for bank reinstatement and water quality improvement

Aqualogs are made from Xylit fibre, a byproduct of brown coal production in Germany. Ordinarily landfilled, this natural woody fibre exists in large quantities and needs no additional energy in its production.

Xylit is extremely robust and elastic; it is able to withstand mechanical stress and biological degradation. Aqualogs provide a tougher more durable alternative to coir rolls with a design life of >30 years in both the aquatic and terrestrial environments.

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Aqualogs novel-soft-engineering-using-Aqualog-to-treat-water-and-control-erosion Xylit fibre
Aqualogs are used for soft bank protection and habitat creation as a more durable alternative to coir rolls
  • Silt wattle
  • Water quality
  • Bank protection
  • Bank stabilisation

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