Pond and Lake Aeration

Bubble Tubing® introduces oxygen to the bed of the pond or lake where it is needed the most. This process mixes the water to remove any stratification and efficiently transfers high levels of oxygen to the water column.

Aeration prevents ecosystem damage such as fish kill as well as provides the required dissolved oxygen to control and prevent algal blooms by reducing nutrient availability in the water, breaking down excess nitrogen and locking phosphorus into the aerobic sediments.

Aeration also maintains a healthy, natural, bacterial community that digest organic matter and other compounds and prevent unpleasant odours from occurring.

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Pond and Lake Aeration Bubble Tubing SOTE %
Pond and Lake Aeration
  • Fisheries
  • Ponds
  • Lakes

    Bubble Tubing® and OctoAir GSEE Report of Oxygen Transfer Capabilities.pdfDownload 
    OctoAir-10 Technical Specification.pdfDownload 
    Bubble Tubing® Technical Specification.pdfDownload 
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    Bubble Tubing® Self-Purging Pressure Cycle.pdfDownload 
    Bubble Tubing® Exploded Diagram of Parts V2.pdfDownload 
    Bubble Tubing® Chemical Resistance Guide.pdfDownload 

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