Clearflow Water Lynx Sediment Control

Water Lynx sediment controlClearflow Water Lynx

Water Lynx is a versatile range of silt control products that can be used to manage, sediments and water quality throughout a river catchment and in water treatment processes.

The Water Lynx range of products offers accelerated sediment separation & collection and soil stabilization.

The product range is engineered using non-toxic compounds, designed to bind sediment particles together in aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Reducing suspended solids and attached contaminants, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and BOD is the main purpose of applying Water Lynx products.

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Water Lynx sediment control in action

Water Lynx sediment control in action

Our chemists have specifically formulated the Water Lynx products to perform across a broad spectrum of conditions, we also work with clients to create specially formulated products.

Our service, provided by an expert team includes site assessment and intervention design as well as full project delivery where required. Our focus is always on cost effective, reliable solutions that achieve the best practicable outcome.

Suspended sediments can cause:

Water quality degradation
Habitat degradation
Reduction of primary production and macrophyte growth
Impediment to spawning, recruitment, survival and growth of fish and invertebrates

Failure to meet environmental regulation requirements

Water Lynx Advantages

Accelerated sediment removal technology
Fast acting to remove solids and contaminants
Dramatically reduces COD, BOD, nutrients, metals, TSS, TDS and coliforms
Reduces water and energy use by up to 90%
Cost effective treatment
Full eco-toxicity reports available

Environmentally Friendly

Non toxic to aquatic and terrestrial life such as fish, invertebrates and mammals2,9,10,11
It does not persist in the environment or groundwater 5,6,15
It does not bio-accumulate in exposed organisms 2,3
Biodegrading into carbon dioxide and water 4

* MSDS and LC50 available for all products







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