Tackling Algal Blooms in Ponds

Tackling algal blooms on ponds

Like many golf courses in the heat of summer, the Sherwood Park Golf Course has to deal with algae blooms in their ponds.

The excessive algal growth is a result of increased temperature and sunlight as well as the addition of nutrients to the ponds from fertiliser use on the greens.

Clearflow‘s portable PR5 water treatment system was used to circulate the pond water at a low flow rate, over a three day period.

This caused the fine sediment and algal cells to flocculate or clump together. These were removed from suspension in the settling tank and polishing unit, before the pond water was returned to the pond.

Significant water clarity was achieved after day one but by completion of treatment 75% of the suspended solids had been removed and water quality improved.

Key Stats

  • PR5 is a compact, portable and reusable water treatment system
  • 98% reduction in NTU
  • >50% reduction in dissolved Phosphorus