East Bowmont Stormwater Pond

The East Bowmont Stormwater Project in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was needed to polish major stormwater trunk flows draining approximately 1750 ha of Calgary’s municipal lands prior to discharging to a proposed £7.5 million constructed wetland complex.

The project featured a 90 m diameter high performance Nautilus Pond™ sediment removal preconditioning element designed and developed by the Calgary based firm Source2Source Inc. which enables removal of more than 95% of particles 50 µm and larger diameter at a continuous 5000 L/s flow rate. Construction has commenced on the project with commissioning expected in the summer of 2017.

The Nautilus Pond™ design philosophy can be further scaled up to larger flows and applied to a wide range of treatment scenarios including landfill leachate and tertiary wastewater treatment where the desire is to create a robust environment to enable settling.

Photos used with permission from Source2Source Inc.

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