Waste Water Treatment & SuDS

The technical name for a BioHaven® is a Floating Treatment Wetland; this is a recognised type of constructed wetland that offers many key advantages over a conventional constructed wetland.

BioHaven® floats on the surface of the water offering water treatment at fluctuating depths.

It will not clog up in the same way as a constructed wetland and it is far easier and less expensive to install and maintain.

It also provides a platform on which to build a wide variety of habitats.

BioHaven® can be easily retrofitted, does not require land take and is ideally suited for use in the secondary and tertiary treatment of wastewater, SuDS and in reducing the impact of CSOs.

Wastewater Treatment & SuDS

Delivering all of the water quality improvement of a constructed wetland, using only 20% of the space.