BioHaven® Floating Wetlands

BioHaven® Floating Wetland Technology is designed around the same principles as a wetland: utilising the natural processes of plants and microbes to improve water quality.

BioHavens® are man-made floating islands, the proprietary design enables plants and microbes to live in ultra-high concentrations, exponentially higher than those found in naturally occurring or constructed wetlands.

Beneath the BioHaven®, a hanging network of roots, rhizomes and attached biofilm is formed. This provides a huge active surface area for biochemical processes, as well as physical processes such as filtering and entrapment. The general design objective is to maximise the contact between the root/biofilm network and the polluted water.

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frog environmental are the European distributor of BioHaven® and provide:

  • Semi empirical modeling/scaling of BioHaven wetlands
  • Habitat surveying
  • Design advice to maximise habitat enhancements
  • Engineering support
  • Installation
  • Water quality and biological monitoring