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Natural water quality treatment and habitat creation using BioHaven floating wetlands

BioHaven Rapid Establishment

Plants establish very quickly in our BioHaven floating wetlands, the plants will help with water treatment, removing nutrients naturally.

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Trapping Silt in Stream

Silt Mats safely remove suspended sediments in stream.

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excavation being pumped

Pollution on Construction Sites

frog environmental can help you train your staff in how to implement silt control mitigation products and behaviors, stopping muddy water escaping site & dealing with it at source.

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Bubble tubing

Testing Bubble Tubing on Silty Water

Testing how effective Bubble Tubing is at holding back silt on site in Wales

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Bubble Tubing - protecting fish and holding back sediment

Bubble Tubing Animation

Bubble Curtains protect fish from vibrations and pollutants as a result of in stream construction; they can also act as a silt curtain, improving water quality downstream of constr…

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Water Lynx silt control

Removing Sediment from Surface Water

Using Water Lynx to remove silts and sediments from surface waters

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Brilliant BioHaven Regents Canal

BioHaven Floating Wetlands

Managing water quality and creating habitats

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Water Lynx sediment control

Managing Sediments

Leela and Richard talk about Water Lynx

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Tackling Water Pollution at Source

Our video explaining our silt and sediment management products

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