Bubble Tubing™ fine bubble linear diffuser

Bubble Tubing™ creates micro-bubbles, optimising oxygen transfer to decontaminate water

Micro-bubbles are critical for achieving rigorous results, whether oxygenating wastewater; using aeration to biologically remove excess nutrients, reducing underwater noise or creating barriers to fish passage and pollution.

Bubbles transfer oxygen, move and mix, clarify, de-stratify and essentially decontaminate water by oxidation. They also provide a platform for bio-dredging which occurs when oxygen, combined with the food source, sewage or sediment, allows the bacteria to produce enzymes. This helps to break down sediments made of accumulated organic matter.

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Bubble Tubing fine bubble linear diffuser Bubble Tubing curtain. Photography by Michel Arrigoni Bubble curtains protect swimming area from jellyfish Bubble Tubing provides fine bubble linear aeration Bubble Tubing is supplied with all fixtures and fittings Bubble curtains reduce the movement of silt downstream
Bubble Tubing is supplied with all fixtures and fittings
  • Water quality improvement
  • Storm, wastewater and leachate ponds
  • Oil and silt pollution control
  • Fish passage
  • Protecting fish and marine mammals from construction activity, blasting operations, vibration and noise

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